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Laser Tag for Rent

Fast. affordable. shipped to your door.

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Welcome to LaserTag.rent, the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to rent laser tag for your party or event.

How it works: 

1) Place an order by phone: 434-770-8757 OR EMAIL: LaserTAG.RENT@GMAIL.COM

2)   We ship Laser Tag to your door—Batteries Included!

3)   Return using a prepaid postage labelalso included!


Contact us:


(434) 770-8757








AS LOW AS $11 Per Blaster

Shipped right to your door. 
Arrives the day before your event. 
Included pre-paid postage for easy return shipping.


Place your order Today!

Call us at 434-770-8757 or Email us at LaserTag.Rent@gmail.com to reserve your laser tag rental.
Please plan ahead to make sure we have enough stock, and that we have enough time to ship you your laser tag gear! :-)


Our Story

When I was a kid, my favorite part of going to the local arcade/sports center (called “Sportstar 2000”) was the laser tag. The problem was that it was always the most expensive attraction. Also, there was usually a long wait to play, and when my friends and I finally got the chance to get our hands on some laser zappers, it felt like our turn was over as soon as we got started.

Fast forward about 20 years; We are taking our boys to our local family rec center, -- It was there that we were surprised to find the same problems today that we experienced decades before.

I began to wonder-- what if there was a way for families to affordably get laser tag brought to them. No time limits. No lines. Just pure laser tag bliss. That’s why we started lasertag.rent. We hope we can meet your laser tag rental needs for your next party or family event. Call us to place an order: 434-770-8757


Deborah, Dustin, Emmett and Cooper


Terms and Conditions:

All rental equipment is rented AS IS.  All rental equipment is solely the responsibility of the person renting. Renter agrees that any equipment lost, stolen, or damaged in any way or manner at any time, while signed out, rented or loaned, for in his name will be immediately paid for with his credit card.  All renters are to take care of all equipment only in a manner consistent in which it was intended for.  All rented equipment must be returned in good or same condition prior to usage. LaserTag.Rent has the right to charge for any damaged or missing equipment. 

If any equipment is lost, stolen or damaged the cost is $150.00/per tagger.  LaserTag.Rent will charge for lost and/or stolen equipment.  All batteries MUST be returned dead or alive or renter will be charged a $1.00 fee/per. All equipment must be returned in original box, With original filler/wrapping.  All equipment must be returned wrapped as it was received.
Equipment must be returned on date agreed on or an addition rental fee of $11/per each day will apply.