Is laser tag for kids or adults?

Our laser tag gear is suitable for kids of all ages. Great for a variety of events like a child’s or teen’s birthday party, or even a bachelor party. We’ll provide games of different complexity based on your party size, and who’s playing.


Are batteries included?

Yes! Your guns will come with fresh batteries (and backup batteries!).


How do I ship the laser tag guns back to you?

Easy. With your order you'll get a pre-paid shipping label, so there’s no hassle to return your laser tag rentals.


Is shipping included?

Everyone hates shipping! So, we've made it painless and based on your location. Please review our simple shipping map-- we’ll include with your package a prepaid shipping label.


Can we play laser tag indoors? 

Yes! Our laser tag gear is great for indoor and outdoor play alike. Tip: try a game in the dark for a unique game experience.


Can we play laser tag in the snow / rain?

Technically yes, but it's not recommended. Our laser tag rentals are very durable, but they’re not intended to get wet. Normal wear and tear is okay, but you’re responsible for any broken or damaged gear.


Do players need to wear a vest?

Nope! No Stinky, Heavy, Gross Vest--The laser tag guns have their own censors to determine if a player has been ‘hit.’ 


When will I receive the laser tag gear? 

Your laser tag gear is guaranteed to arrive the day before your event, but might arrive even earlier.


When do I return the laser tag gear? 

The day after your event, simply send your laser tag gear back using a pre-paid shipping label we’ll provide to you. 


What if I have more questions?

We probably have the answers! :-) Call us at 434-770-8757.