I, the undersigned, am renting the equipment listed on the sheet AS IS.  I understand that while the equipment is in my possession, I am solely responsible for the equipment rented to me.  I agree that any equipment lost, stolen, or damaged in any way or manner at any time, while signed out, rented or loaned to me, for in my name will be immediately paid for with credit card.  As a good sign of faith I hereby promise to take care of all equipment only in a manner consistent in which it was intended for.  I promise to return all rented equipment in good or same condition prior to usage.  I am providing LaserTag.Rent with my intentions to pay for any damaged or missing equipment while in my name until all individual or group equipment is rented and accounted for.

All equipment rented includes extra batteries.  (excludes for donations)

If a laser tag blaster is lost, stolen or damaged the cost is $150.00/per.
All batteries MUST be returned dead or alive or a $1.00 fee/per will be charged. (excludes donations)
Equipment must be returned in original box, with original filler/wrapping.
Equipment must be returned on date agreed on or an addition rental fee of $11/per a day will apply.